Do you know the advantages of buying a car, Part of the American Dream? Episode #5

Since Henry Ford decided to bring cars, cars have always been part of the American dream They are within the price range of ordinary consumers.

Of course there is Disadvantages of owning a car; despite Mr. Ford’s initiative, the price is still acceptable Daunting. Nonetheless, there are reasons to buy a car instead of leasing it.

🚗 It’s yours: When renting a car, the car belongs to the dealership.

Because it is their car, there may be some restrictions, including:

  • Mileage: Usually in the lease, you have a certain number of miles Can travel within a year. If you exceed this amount, you will pay very High excess fees, When your car belongs to you, you can decide how You can drive many miles.
  • No shade trees: Some people like the cost savings from changes Do your own oil or do your own work, If it’s your car, you Decide who will do it. With a lease, you won’t get select.
  • Fairness: Yes, a new car will quickly depreciate, but it’s time For a new car, you can change one, Lease means you have nothing to buy a new car Decided to buy.
  • Custom: Do you like Faux-fur beaver seat cover? Where is the hula dancer who jumped to the dashboard? Is your car try your best. Do not try to rent!
  • Credit or not: You have seen the ad, “Is your credit low? No credit? No problem! “Indeed, buying a car will help revive bad credit score, Leasing requires excellent reputation.
  • The light at the end of the tunnel: When you buy a car, Pay a certain fee within a set time, like Just like it needs to be forever, but in the end, you will have to pay the last payment, The car is entirely yours. If you lease, at the end of the lease Another lease, pay more, By definition, lease refers to You have been paying.

Motivation Is Key To Happiness And Success

It may be more expensive to purchase in the initial expenditure.

You need to pay a deposit (or Trade-in), and the monthly payment may be higher, but in the end, your car will It’s actually your car.

In addition to “ownership”, there is a certain degree of freedom Able to take off-road trips or forgive yourself Scratch on the fender.

In the end, the biggest advantage of buying a car is your car.

There may be stains on the passenger seats in the interior, but this is not a stain, it is a memory of sharing an ice cream cone with his son.

Maybe There were clothes on the back seat, but the dog was so excited to see the beach.

Sometimes, cars are more than just transportation.

It can be Memories.

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